Design Miami/Basel 2016

June 14 - 19, 2016

Press Release

Magen H Gallery is pleased to present pieces inspired by the Brutalist architecture movement, with an emphasis on the Architect and Designer Dominique Zimbacca.
Passionate by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, he found inspiration in Loyds organic architecture philosophy, designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and their environment. Together with fellow architect Herve Baley, they traveled to the US to study American architecture culture. After their return they worked on many projects together, they were often referred to as “ The Brutalists”.
Their dynamic solutions to volume and space using materials in their raw and natural state emphases this philosophy.
During the 1970s Zimbacca designed commissioned furniture for Pierre Chapo as well as other private collectors. He often uses oak, pine and walnut, all which keep a primitive sensuality and brutness. His work has received much attention in Europe and has become exclusive and very collectable as he produced very little furniture pieces.
Zimbacca’s oeuvres will be accompanied by an exclusive selection of French mid-century design and ceramics including the works of Jean Amado, Paul Becker, Alain Douillard, Pierre Guariche, Michel Guino, Pia Manu, Les Ateliers Marolles, Francois Stahly, Pierre Szekely, Sido and Francois Thevenin and the ceramics of La Borne.