New York City Jewelry Week 2019

November 18 - 24, 2019

Press Release

Magen H Gallery is pleased to present "The Versatility of Design: Sculptural Furniture and Jewelry", an exhibition showcasing the works of multidisciplinary designers. This exhibition will not only feature sculptures and but also jewelry created by these versatile artists. We are excited to include this exhibition as part of our second participation with New York Jewelry Week, which will be taking place November 18th-24th along with a guided tour of the exhibition with Nathalie Dheedene, Director of Magen H Gallery on Tuesday, November 19th at 5PM. To RSVP for the guided tour, please email us at

"The Versatility of Design" will include designers Gerard Mannoni, Philolaos Tloupas, Roger Capron, Alain Douillard, Alexandre Noll, Line Vautrin, Vassilakis Takis, Serge Manzon, Pierre Sabatier and Fred Brouard, many of whom designed jewelry while simultaneously creating large, monumental sculptures and furniture pieces. The exhibition will create a space where sculpture, furniture, and jewelry come together for a dynamic presentation on the history and significance of object making in post-war France.

Modernism during this period gave way to a less decorative and more functional approach to design since artists were faced with limited resources. Designers placed emphasis on highlighting the raw quality of materials, as well as on the craftsmanship of each piece. The sculptures and furniture pieces were made mainly from metal, transcending traditional designs and becoming unique masterpieces. In addition, these designers were purposeful in their jewelry designs -- rather than showcasing jewelry as opulent decorations worn as a symbol of wealth and status, they hoped to bridge the gap between sculpture and decorative art. With the same amount of thoughtfulness, skill and creativity behind each piece, these works of jewelry essentially became a small-sized sculpture in these designers' body of work.

"The Versatility of Design" aims to further expand the understanding of jewelry as an object and an art form. The juxtaposition of sculptures, furniture and jewelry will showcase the limitless possibilities of design.

Please join us for the opening reception of "The Versatility of Design: Sculptural Furniture and Jewelry" on Wednesday, October 30th from 6-8pm.