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Magen H is excited to launch our online viewing room with a new weekly series, Staying Home With, where we reconnect with collectors and designers to talk about what it is like to stay home, their favorite designs, upcoming projects and more. Each designer/collector will be asked to choose 5 pieces from our collection for their personal wishlist and what inspired them to choose them. They will also share one of their favorite pieces from their own personal collections that they enjoy to live with. 

Through this series, we aim to provide an inside look into the design behind each designers and/or collectors' homes and learn what inspires them. We hope to help foster a sense of community in these uncertain times. 

To kick off the series, we are taking a peak into our gallery Director, Nathalie Dheedene's home on Long Island. As a long time collector of design pieces and Director at Magen H since 2012, we invite you to take a look into her personal home and collection.


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